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RF Calculator Pro is a utility application consisting of various calculations, conversions and reference tables.Radiation:• Electromagnetic wave (wavelength, frequency, period)• Propagation delay (distance vs. time)• Resonance (frequency, inductance, capacitance)• Radiated power (vs. VSWR)• Air core inductors (inductance, turns)RF Link:• Free space path loss (loss, distance)• Link budget (RSSI, fade margin)• Fresnel zone (1st, max, 60%, Er)RF Base Station:• Transmission line (Tx, Att, Pout)• EIRP ERP (effective radiated power)• Antenna down-tilt – angle (angle, distance)• Antenna down-tilt – coverage (inner & outer radius)Radar:• Power density (W/m²)• Maximum range (distance)Losses:• Attenuators (Pi, Tee)• VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio)• Reflection coefficient (Rho)• Return loss (dB)• Mismatch loss (dB)Converters:• Power (dBm, Watt, dBW)• Voltage (V, dBV, dBµV)• Current (dBµA, dBA, A, µA)• Terminated (dBm, dBµV, dBµA, V)• Field strength (dBµV/m, V/m, dBmW/m², dBµA/m, W/m², dBpT)• Distance (cm, m, in., yd, km, mi.)Reference:• RF spectrum (ITU)• Amateur bands• Amateur band plan – IARU region 1• Amateur Q codes• Phonetic alphabet (NATO)• Decibel suffixes• SI unit prefixes• Abbreviations

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