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Buzzer Answer Button In this application you have to press the buttons below according to the response of your playmate: if the answer is incorrect , you have to press the Wrong button and hear the sound ; If the answer is correct , you must press the Correct button to hear the sound of successful . It's interactive and addictive! How it works? The operation of this app can be multiple, it only depends on your imagination, creativity and originality to invent games! Let me give you a couple of examples: - Invent a game of questions and answers or choose one of the market. Play to answer each other's questions and ... use the Buzzer Answer Button to thrill the game when someone hits or answers a question wrong! - Similar to the previous case , invent or choose a game from mimic , dance , sing , of draw , etc. Choose a system to name the judges to rate the result and ... use the Buzzer Answer Button to indicate whether they did it right or not! If they go to the next round or not! Give excitement to the game! When you start the Buzzer Answer Buttons app in a moment you'll be a touch away from unleashing the buzzer sound more powerful strong> and realistic available. Make the buzzer response buttons by pressing a button. Buzzer Answer Buttons has been designed to be simple , just press the buttons! The Buzzer Answer Buttons sound button can make anything more entertaining when you're bored . You can play with your friends or family any juice you invent! The most repeated sound, you can hear it as many times as you want. Features Buzzer response buttons: < br /> -Information of Buzzer response buttons. - Effect of sound of high volume. - Simulator of button real. -Very funny. - Easy to use the user interface. -This application is brought to you absolutely free . The Buzzer Answer Buttons application was created ONLY for entertainment purposes. Have fun and enjoy it !!!!!

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