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English Poet Synonyms & Rhymers Dictionary is the combination of multiple tools that help for a beginner to advance level. English dictionary has the functionality according to the parts of speech, grammatical category, synonyms, Rhymers, A book containing the list of synonyms words (THESAURUS) with real word suggestions and brief English meaningful with examples. Your search makes faster and accurate with strong suggestion search and spell checking algorithm. The Bookmark option will help you in future understanding.all the poetry words, English words can be searched offline. Unique FunctionalityAudio pronunciation option in a rhyming dictionary will help Learn words or definition faster by listening to how they're pronouncedOffline Search Toll No Wi-Fi connection is needed.Make poetry grammatically and meaningful with poetry app or dictionary app.Questions to be asked  No voice output? Please ensure that your mobile support word pronunciation. Can I change the pronunciation?Just go to Menu --> Settings and select the language* English (US)* English (GB)Features More than 10k English word synonyms, definitions and the huge number of related words forms See your bookmarks and Search history (multisyllabic). English to English search option (無料英会話). Rhyming dictionary contains the option for English synonyms words (แปลอังกฤษ). English dictionary is offline no internet required Ready to go, English dictionary works offline without an internet connection and any further file to be dictionary free download. booky dictionary (無料英会話) give auto-suggestions to user  English dictionary app (englisch wörterbuch) store the search history Free English dictionary contains Word of the Day feature so that you learn a new word every day. A huge store of word synonyms. (enlish) English dictionary (diccionario de ingles) contains bookmark option you can add a word to bookmark list. Audio pronunciation option in the rhyming dictionary will help Learn words or definition faster by listening to how they're pronounced Copy the definition or word synonyms for personal notes. Change the pronunciation language (английский словарь). Search definitions, Matching words, word synonyms and examples. قاموس دیکشنری.NoteThe text-to-speech (TTS) technology may not be available in some devices (rhymezone). To check in your phone for speech syntheses go to: Menu > Settings > Voice input & output > Text-to-speech settings.If not installed, your device may ask you to install the TTS engine. An internet connection may be required for downloading the TTS.Download the synonyms words and offline English dictionary completely free and if you have any suggestion regarding the English dictionary, word synonyms, booky dictionary email us or drop your valuable words in comment section we will back to you. Your suggestions and feedback are warmly welcomed and highly appreciated.

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