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The Faithlife Study Bible invites you to understand the Bible more fully—to feed your curiosity about God and His work in the world. EXPLORE THE BIBLEIn the Faithlife Study Bible, rich commentary on every biblical passage illuminates Scripture, helping you engage with God’s Word. Discover intriguing insights in robust study notes based on the original languages of the Bible. Visually stunning graphics enrich your study of the Bible, bringing the ancient world to life.INFORM YOUR FAITHRather than tell you what to think, the Faithlife Study Bible helps you learn how to think about a text and work toward deeper understanding. When tradition and scholarship present diverging views on a passage, the notes explain the interpretive options, encouraging you to reach your own conclusions. PERSONALIZE YOUR STUDYThe Faithlife Study Bible is translation independent, so it’s designed to work with multiple English translations. For example, the insights you receive from the Faithlife Study Bible using the NIV will be just as relevant for a study partner who uses the NKJV.Immerse yourself in the world’s most advanced digital study Bible—the Faithlife Study Bible.WHAT YOU GET* Compatibility with many popular Bible translations, including NIV, ESV, NKJV, NASB, and more (In-app purchase required for some translations)* 3 layers of study notes, promoting deep exploration of the text* Lexham Bible Dictionary, the most advanced Bible dictionary (7,000+ articles)* Lexham English Bible, a clear, modern translation of the Bible* Connect the Testaments, a 365-day devotional and reading plan* Over 400 photos, videos, and infographicsSHARE WHAT YOU LEARNThe Faithlife Study Bible app unites the Faithlife community and your personal study. Explore the depth of the Bible with friends, family, your church, or your school. Share discoveries, inspiring quotes, encouraging verses, and so much more with your Faithlife community.Get the Faithlife Study Bible app today, and feed your curiosity.

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