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Now you have the chance to get your own pocket hobo. Don't think that it will be a story of success, just don't let your hobo die! All you have to do is occasionally visit him to fulfill his basic needs. Mechanics of the game are similar to the classic game with pocket pets, where players raise their pet. Simulator games allow the player to be in the role of their character, in this game you must help your tiny hero.Summary -Your pocket hobo has 4 basic needs:* Food. Just feed him, hobos like it.* Alcohol. The life of a hobo would be unthinkable without a bottle of warm drink.* Hygiene. Don't worry about the stench, you can keep an eye on cleanliness.* Communication. Even the homeless feel alone.Pass the time by playing games with your hobo:* Catch/Dodge. Don't miss any green bottles, but avoid the red bottles.* Unload Boxes. Collect the right boxes quickly as you can.* New games will be added with updates!How long will your pocket hobo survive? You decide.

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