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In this app, you will get to learn android app development along with Examples and Demos. This is an Android tutorial app by which you can easily start with Android development and start building your own Android apps. In this app, you'll get different android topics from beginner to advance level.This app currently teaches you to develop android apps with Java programming language. We're assuming that you've at least basic knowledge of any object-oriented programming.The app is designed so neatly and uses Google Material Design components and guidelines to provide you a good UX (User experience). One of the primary goals of the app is to inspire you to make beautiful UI & designs while developing Android apps.What you'll find inside the app?-The app is divided into sections to make things organized so that it helps to cover each topic quickly.=> Android Basics This section will cover all the must topics for Android development which you should know.Topics like - What is Android?, Features of Android, Android Applications, Android Architecture, Android API, Android Environment, DVM, Activities, Manifest, Resources, Themes, ViewGroups, JSON, Android NDK...=> Android ComponentsThis section will cover all the different Android components or widgets which you can use in your own apps. Examples - EditText, TextView, Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, Spinner, SeekBar, RatingBar, Switch, ToggleButton, ProgressBar, ImageView, ImageButton, DatePicker, TimePicker, TextClock, Chronometer,...=> Material ComponentsThis section will cover all the Google material design library widgets.** Examples - Appbar, Coordinator Layout, Collapsing Toolbar, TabLayout, Snackbar, Toast, Bottom Navigation, Bottom Sheets, Navigation Drawer, FAB, TextInputLayout, CardView, SwipeRefreshLayout...=> Android LayoutsThis section will cover all the different layouts or view-groups which you can use to build layouts according to your needs.** Examples - LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, FrameLayout, TableLayout...=> Android NotificationsThis section will cover all the different types of notifications used by Android apps.** Examples - Inbox Style, Big Text Style, Big Picture Style... => Threads and Process This section will cover topics about android processes and how to communicate with each other.** Topics like - ANR, AsyncTask, Threads, Handler & Threads...=> Image LibrariesThis section will cover different image loading libraries available in Android development.Few of are Glide, Picasso, Fresco...=> More SectionThis section will cover the topics which an Android developer should've known.** Examples - Splash Screen, Custom Fonts, Android Menus, Vibrator,...Key Features of the Let Me Android app :Dummy 3D Touch - Tap and hold an Item on the home screen to temporarily open a screen and un-tap to close it.Navigation Drawer - The app has a Navigation Drawer which helps you easy to navigate from one screen to other.SearchView - You can find a topic easily by entering keywords.Code Magnifier - You can easily Magnify the code snippet by simply left or right the slider./* This app doesn't cover every topic for now but with every update of the app, you'll get cool stuff ;) */If you love the app and found it useful please don't forget to give 5 and write your thoughts in the review section 🌟Hope you'll enjoy the let me android app ;)Github: https://www.github.com/CoderVishalSehgalTwitter: https://twitter.com/vishalsehgal31Have Suggestions? Write us at: [email protected]

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