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POP Keyboard-keyboard themes, emojis, and stickers bring stunning themes, fun stickers, cool emojis, and great typing experience. 🎉🎉With POP Keyboard, you can personalise your keyboard panel with 1000+ stunning & breathe-taking keyboard themes. Also, your chatting will be way more fun with 500+ funny stickers, emojis, and limitless popular GIFs. Other than fun, POP Keyboard is also a reliable and efficient typing tool. It remembers your typing pattern, and helps you to type more accurately and efficiently. Why is it?🎨Personalize and beautify your keyboard🎨POP Keyboard provides 1000+ keyboard themes, owing to the powerful designer resources, which includes top UI designers in the industry. The theme database continues to update, delivering the most high quality themes with the most trendy elements. All themes come with flashy 3D amination. 💬It makes chatting more fun💬Plain words sometimes are “cold”, and not enough to express feelings when you chat. POP Keyboard provide 500+ emojis and cool stickers (still increasing), and limitless GIFs powered by GIPHY, to help you spice it up, better than any emoji app. 🔡It helps you to type faster & more accurate🔡The Smart Typing Assistance is deeply optimized and enhanced than any other keyboard apps. It recognizes and corrects typo, remembers your typing styles to predict every next word, automatically spaces and capitalizes letters.Main Features🗻1000+ Fantastic Themes 🗻The coolest and richest theme hub, supported by top designers all over the world. Every theme has flashy 3d amination. 😀500+ Fun Stickers, emojis, limitless GIFs😀Rich & fun stickers, limitless GIFs, Unique emojis,⚡Swipe Type⚡Swipe cross the letters to input, triple your typing speed. 🔡POP Type🔡-Auto-Correction-Automatic Association-Next-Word Suggestion-Automatic Space-Auto-Capitalization✌️Highly Customizable✌️-Resizing keyboard-Number row on/off🌍Supporting 50+ languages🌍There always is one for youPRIVACYPOP Keyboard does not collect any personal data without your explicit permission. We take privacy very seriously.The warning message that says POP Keyboard may be able to collect “all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers” is part of the Android Operating System that appears when any third party keyboard is enabled.Happy Typing!

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