BEEamicable Divorce

Don’t let your divorce become a knock-down, all-out war

BEEamicable Divorce

Don’t let your divorce become a knock-down, all-out war. “BEEamicable” is your platform to set the right tone for your divorce and move its trajectory on a smoother and more productive path. (MORE CONTENTION EQUALS HIGHER COSTS).“BEEamicable” is a FAIR, COST-EFFECTIVE and EXPEDITIOUS way to a settlement.This is not a whole household application. BEE amicable is central to the most core issue of any divorce… that is the well-being and organization of your kids. The ability for all the involved professionals in your case (doctors, therapists and, of course, the judge) to view your communication is a great indicator of willingness, accountability, and cooperation. BEEamicable obviously encourages the best communication possible between the separating spouses. Because when mom and dad are better, the kids are better.Whether you have kids or pets, whether your financial obligations are large or small, whether you have disputes over community property, or any of a myriad of marital disputes, you have two options:Hire an attorney and fight it out, point fingers, name-call, yell and scream – which adds tension to an already stressful situation for everyone involved, and costs extra time and money… (NO WINNERS HERE) OR,You can divorce amicably, by keeping your focus on the big picture. With both parties’ cooperation, a mutually agreed-upon mediated settlement will limit court appearances and lawyer-driven costly hearings. BEE amicable keeps your kids a priority, saves you money, requires less time with attorneys, and MUCH LESS stress overall.BEEamicable obviously encourages the best communication possible between the separating spouses, especially when the professionals surrounding your case may be viewing your joint communications. (ALL SIDES BENEFIT, ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILDREN.)But, please ask yourself: “Why should I pay an attorney massive amounts of money for things we can agree on and handle willingly?”While mediation is the optimal route, sometimes it doesn’t go down that path. Sometimes there’s no other option except to litigate your case in court.Inasmuch as divorce is a very emotional and trying time, don’t let your hurt feelings and anger dictate how you proceed.Maintaining your focus is paramount. BEE amicable will empower you to move forward in a more productive way, taking the sting out of divorce by allowing you and your spouse time to mediate and resolve issues respectfully.BEEamicable has the tools to help you through an emotionally charged time. It is empowering to have your voice heard as you settle issues on child custody, child support and educational schedules, alimony, division of assets and liabilities, etc. .(You can customize your list to include your own, specific needs.)If you find that your spouse does not share in your desire for an amicable divorce, BEEamicable is the recourse that allows you to demonstrate to the court that YOU are willing to resolve the issues that are relevant to your Divorce. With “BEEamicable,” a time-stamped and dated entry-log history of your communications to resolve issues with your spouse can be printed and presented to the court.Remember, it takes courage to extend the Olive Branch. But, with “BEEamicable,” you can proceed without fear, knowing that your intention to proactively reach for a peaceful resolution will be presented in the courtroom on your behalf.Divorce does not have to be an antagonistic, noisy and cluttered, drawn-out affair. So, let’s do this the BEE amicable way for everyone’s sake.