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DIY Garden Ideas


DIY Garden Ideas provides dozens good diy outdoor garden ideas for you to recreate in your garden. No matter if you need diy garden storage ideas or want to create nice vegetable garden, this app can give you some valuable ideas.You can find great diy garden ending ideas, diy herb garden ideas as well as some nice diy garden projects for decoration and original garden accessories. Use the ideas and spend some time with your kids, making beautiful and colorful garden projects.The app is very easy to use, just start and slide.Share great ideas with your friends with easy to use share button.=== Added in Version 2 ==- Step by step instructions for some of the projects. Ease to follow instructions.- Improved navigation and user experience- New features added: Share, Save, Set as Wallpaper and Quit=== Added in Version 3 ==- Added several new ideas- Added more detailed instructions for diy garden ideas=== Added in Version 4 ==- Added several new ideas- Fixed minor navigation problems- Fixed minor bugs=== Added in Version 5 ===- Major update- New button "How to ..." added with detailed instructions- Multi language version - supports instruction in two languages=== Added in Version 6 ===- Added half a dozen spring ideas- Fixed minor bugs- Added instructions for the ideas without descriptions=== Added in Version 7 ===- Added new summer and spring ideas- Improved application speed- Added more than a dozen instructions for the ideas without instructions in the previous version=== Added in Version 8 ===- Added new summer ideas for your garden- Reduced file size for better app performance- Added more than a dozen instructions for the ideas without descriptions in the previous version - almost all idea now have detailed descriptions=== Added in Version 9 ===- Added new ideas for your garden- Added instructions for ideas without such- Fixed minor bugs=== Added in version 10 ===- Major update- Index view added for better navigation- Improved app speed- Better app performance

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