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Copy or move files from your computer to your phone, wirelessly over your network, automatically or when you choose to.With Auto Copy on your phone and Auto Copy Server on your computer this is now possible. After a short setup process you can just move the files you want on your phone to a folder on your computer and then let Auto Copy do the rest.Download Auto Copy Server from http://www.silverlycke.comYou can make Auto Copy automatically copy the files you want to copy at certain intervals or at a certain time. You can also copy the files right away by just pressing a button.The following is some of the rules and settings you can use to determine how Auto Copy should behave:Only copy when the phone is charging.Only copy over WIFI.Leave a certain amount of free space on the memory card.Don't let a specific folder become larger then a certain size.Use a different server address if you are connected to a certain access point.Auto Copy Server is only available for Windows at this time.Please try the free version first to make sure it works as intended on your device.Please email me if you find a bug.Permissions:Storage: To be able to write files to the memory card.Network communication: To be able to copy files over the network.System tools: To be able to activate WIFI after sleep, keep phone awake during copying and schedule automatic copying after boot.Keywords: wireless copy move synchronization synchronize automatic

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