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Smart way to answer your calls. Supports upto android version 6 devices. No need to press answer key for incoming call . Just bring your cell close to your ear and answer any call.Smart way to reject your call . Just shake your cell while ringing to reject incoming call.This app is specifically designed for winter season when you don't want to take off your warm gloves to touch your screen to pick/reject callsProduct feature bullets:• No need to press answer key for incoming call.• Just bring your cell close to your ear for automatic call accept.• Wave your Hand over screen to automatic call accept.This app is useful when you are in a position where you cannot focus on cell screen to find answer key or you are in much hurry that you do not want to waste time on pressing answer key.When phone starts ringing , just bring it close to your ear and it will automatically pick the call. If you don't want to answer that call , just shake your phone and call will automatically rejected. Even if your phone is in your pocket and it starts ringing , just bring it out and bring it close to your ear for automatically answer. Advantages over other similar apps -works fine even when your cell is in pocket. Will not answer until you bring your device out of your pocket and bring it close to your ear. -Inflates 'air call on' when cell phone is ringing to inform you whether this app is on or off. -Do not sleep. Will not stop working even if you kill this app. To make it stop, press off key in the app. -Support every android version even the latest Kit Kat. -Do not consumes cell battery . -Continues to work as back process. You can operate your cell normally while this app continuous to work as a back process. -Do not effect speed of cell. Will not consume your cell RAM to make it slow. -Easy to operate. With one 'ON' and 'OFF' key make this app on and off. - This app is helpful when you are driving a car or bike or in a position where you cannot shift your focus to find answer key on your cell screen to answer a call. how it works -install this app -just open it . -close the app. Even if you close this app,this app continues to work as a back process and will smartly answer an incoming call by bringing you cell close to ear. If you want to stop this app , just open the app and press off button in it. App will stop working and you can answer an incoming call in a normal way. This app supports all android version including Kit Kat . This app uses proximity sensor to auto pick an incoming call when you bring it close to your ear. Note: Some devices do not support this app because of the difference in following call accept protocol. If your device fail to support this app please do not give bad review also do not get panic and email us and we will propose best solution to you .

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