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  Have you ever forgotten a place in a photo? Have you ever forgotten a person in a photo? NoteCam can solve this problem.  NoteCam is a camera App combined with GPS information (including latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy), time, and comments. It can leave a message, and put all information together into a photograph. When you browse the photos, you can quickly know their location and their further information.For more information, please refer to the following document.■ The difference between "NoteCam Lite" and "NoteCam Pro." (1) NoteCam Lite is a free App. NoteCam Pro is a paid App. (2) NoteCam Lite has a "Powered by NoteCam" text (watermark) in photographs' bottom right corner. (3) NoteCam Pro can use the text watermark or the graphic watermark. (4) NoteCam Pro can import a user-defined font file. (5) NoteCam Pro is ad-free.

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