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The TeleMessage Mobile Archive solution allows companies to archive mobile messages of their employees for corporate governance, regulatory and legal requirements.Companies can maintain compliance, mitigate risk, monitor, track & archive mobile text messages. TeleMessage offers different means to archive SMS, MMS, Calls and Mobile Messages.The TeleMessage Archiver for Android allows organizations to easily archive their employees’ text messages.Once installed, and activated, the TeleMessage Archiver silently works in the background, archiving SMS & MMS messages as well as Call Logs to the TeleMessage Archive servers or your email archiving vendor of choice.Managing the archived content is done by the company administrator, who should be opening you the account. The company administrator can also configure that the Mobile Messages will be forwarded to the organization’s central archive or data storage of choice.*Users must be managed under an organization’s administrator, and have a TeleMessage user account in order to run the TeleMessage Archiver for Android App. Please contact your administrator to get started or reach us at [email protected] .TeleMessage integrates with leading email archiving vendors, so you can store mobile text messages in the same archive where you store employee’s email and documents.Furthermore, for organizations in heavily regulated industries, archiving text messages is absolutely essential.TeleMessage is compliant with the Mobile Text Archiving regulations in these verticals:· Finance: SOX, FINRA, SEC, GLBA, Dodd-Frank (USA); FSA & FCA (UK); MiFID II (EU)· Healthcare: HIPAA, HITECH (USA), GDPR (EU)· Government Agencies: The Freedom of Information Act, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)· Energy: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order No. 717.These regulations require the archiving of messages created using the variety of electronic messaging platforms available today, including texts messages, encrypted communications, direct messages on social media platforms, email, or other types of electronic messaging systems of accounts.This is not a mobile spying software and we are not responsible for any spy use prohibited by law.About TeleMessageTeleMessage is changing the way people and businesses interact in the ever changing mobile space. We’ve been helping businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of themobile channel with our robust communications platform since 1999. Our innovative messaging software has been successfully deployed and used by thousands of enterprises, trusted by dozens of telecom operators, reaches hundreds of millions of users and powers billions of messages through customers’ networks. Our messaging solution portfolio includes mobile & text message archiving, secure text messaging for businesses, and high-volume text messaging services powered by our API cloud platform. We support an ever growing number of enterprises, including leading brands across a range of industries such as healthcare, travel, finance and retail, among others.

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