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This app doesn't care about your excuses. This app doesn't mind offending you. This app will push your life's responsibilities in your face until you quit your bad habits and scream 'Fine, I'll Quit'. FIQ Was designed to help you quit addictions and bad habits that are taking over your life. We wanted to solve addictions that make human life miserable. The best to do that is by reminding you of the people and the tasks that you are responsible for and why you simply just need to quit those habits and get back on track.šŸ”„ Daily Motivational Messages Based on your actual responsibilitiesšŸ˜” Daily Aggressive checkups to see if you start behaving recklessšŸ™Œ Daily Reminder Notifications to keep you on trackšŸ’„ Uses Language as a tool to inspire and motivate you to quit your bad habitsšŸš€ Many more features to come!

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