Maze Upgrade

Did You ever thought that simple maze game might be addictive? Probably not

Maze Upgrade

Did You ever thought that simple maze game might be addictive? Probably not. So We're going to change it! Maze Upgrade is a classic puzzle game with some additional features which allows You to gain bonuses and compete with other Players. Based on Your daily score, You'll be able to receive money, which You can spend in shop buying new bonuses or game upgrades. Right now there are 5 bonuses available. Maze is being changed every day and You can't go back to it if You didn't finish it. After finishing the game, You can try to beat the highscore, but there will be NO BONUSES on the map. Those are only available at the first time, just to make it more challenging. Also, You won't be able to go in and out just for getting bonuses. They're saved only when You finish the labirynth. So, what are the bonuses at this stage...Speed - one swipe, three steps made which counts as one move. It's a time limited bonus, but can be deactivated at any time.Walking through walls - can be activated/deactivated at any time. It deactivates automatically when wall is passed.Show exit - shows side on which exit is located by painting the side in red color.Teleport - teleports You to random place on mapHammer - allows You to destroy wall with crackAfter finishing round (every 24h), 3 best players receives money prize.1st place - 5002nd place - 2503rd place - 100For now, there's no use of the money, we're in the middle of implementing it. So, here's what comes out within next version.- Weekly money prize -> 3 best players from whole week will receive additional money- New bonus -> minimap- Shop! -> You can buy additional bonuses using money earned in-game or the real oneTHIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS VERSION AND WE'RE WAITING FOR YOUR FEEDBACK! IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS OR ISSUES, PLEASE LET US KNOW!