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Fizioo applicationApplication for physiotherapy and rehabilitation services at homeFizioo is a landmark of rehabilitation in The Middle EastSERVICES1- Chest or cardiopulmonary rehabilitationrehabilitation post open heart surgeries, ICU and major surgeries... Pulmonary rehabilitation of all chest disease .2- Neurological rehabilitationrehabilitation of neurological diseases and after strokes...... Rehabilitation of quadriplegic, hemiplegic and paraplegic cases..... Rehabilitation of patients with nerve neuritis, polyneuropathy, myopathy, gullian barre syndrome and multiple sclerosis..... Rehabilitation of Parkinsonism and post brain surgeries .3- Orthopedic rehabilitationRehabilitation post fractures and joints replacement.... Rehabilitation of sports injuries and its operations.... Treatment of spine pain,deformities and spondylosis.... Treatment of spinal disc prolapse and spondylolithesis..... Rehabilitation after spine surgeries....treatment of bone deformities and joint arthritis .4- Geriatric rehabilitationRehabilitation of old age patients and their diseases.... Rehabilitation of patients with alzaheimer and bed ridden patients.... Rehabilitation of patients who have balance and movement problems5- Pediatric rehabilitationRehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy , erb 's palsy, down syndrome, delayed milestones, spina bifida, autism and congiental anomalies .Doctor , Physio , physiotherapy , physiotherapist , FIZIOO , Fzioo , FIZO , Fezeo , fezio , fezioo , fizeo , fizeoo , fzeo , fyzio , fezyo ,fezyoo , fizyo , health , Health , HealthApp , healthapp , HealthApp Group , HealthAppGroup , Health App Group , group , app , fizio , fzio , fzo , Fizio , Vezeeta , Yodawy , Roshetta , دكتور , معالج , طبيعي , طبيعى , علاج , علاج طبيعى , فيزيو, فيزو , فزيو , فيزيوو , فزيوو , فيزيتا , , ممرضة , ممرض , رعاية منزلية

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