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Home: We introduce the motto of the congregation, PC 2019 and Strenna 2019Today's news: We draw you closer to Tamil and English News papers and Live News Channels.BIS News: The National level Salesian News is brought to you.SDB.ORG: The Global Salesian News.House Info: We have information of all our presences and the update of events stored Chronologically.Reports: There is a space to feed the reports of our activities.Chat: Let's Chat. We can come closer with this chat option. We can upload photos, audios, videos and communicate to our fellow Salesians.Salesian Info: The Name, Phone number and the E-Mail ID of our fellow Salesians are available.Directory: The Annual Plan and other information in the Directory are present.Birthday: We have notifications of our fellow Salesian's Birthdays. You can Call, Message and E-Mail them @ one touch.Obituary: The deceased Salesians are remembered with notifications.

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