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Can you imagine that how much can you survive in battle ring especially in front of champion wrestlers? Do you want to enjoy such amazement in life? Then come to join in the Real Wrestling Stars Ultimate Fighting 2019 and become one of the revolution stars champions 2018. Forget all racing, adventure, simulation game and try this action game on your device screen right now. Start to take world wrestling challenge and beat all the stars champion wrestlers to win the best wrestler belt 2018. Survive in the ring by leaving opponent wrestler with no chance to win the revolution championship. Show wrestling fighting skills like karate, kicking, punching, kung fu and martial arts all in one game. Start to enjoy the freestyle karate, punching and kicking game in one the best revolution fight. Beat all tag team champion wrestlers in this ultimate fighting competition game and become the ultimate universal champion of wrestling fight federation. Prove your strength as a star wrestler athlete. Win the battle of the ultimate cage match in world wrestling champion’s tournament. Fight with using a variety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, joint locks, close fighting, throws, and takedowns. Become the universal champion of wrestling after beating all tag team champion wrestlers in the world. Enjoy the ever best World Tag Wrestling Star Ultimate Fighting unlike the other wrestling and fighting championship games here you have to play as a wrestler team to show your devastating wrestling skills. Amazing challenging missions are ready like a battle in the cage who escapes first out of the cage will be the winner.The wrestling federation arranges world wrestling match between all the wrestling revolution star champions and everyone can be a part of such revolution championship so sharp your tag team fighting skills and strengthen your strength to fight with strong wrestlers than they look. Test new striking techniques like jumping and gymnastics. Excite the crowd with your advance wrestling techniques, improve your fighting skills and be the best wrestler champion of 2018. Now, what are you waiting for? Download this Real Wrestling Stars Ultimate Fighting 2019 from the store and participate in the world wrestling revolution star championship contest to win the Russian wrestler belt in the best sports game. Cage ring roof is used for the wrestling battle, throw your rival wrestler from the roof and made a serious damage to opponent wrestler, This ultimate championship asks for help to your friend to fight and many more devastating missions available in this revolution fight. No mercy with your rival fighter hit them with the chair, ladder, table or anything that you find while fighting. Knock out your opponent within time to get more score.Main Features: • Authentic maneuvers and realistic punch boxing moves • Real World Wrestlers & Boxers battle it out with Choke Slam, Drop Kick, Leg Slam • Face different wrestling & boxing rivals with a myriad of fighting techniques • Heavy weight champions to battle it out in the ring in free wrestling • Authentic Wrestling Moves Like Chair Shot, Suplex, Tombstone, Pile Driver • Professional Cage Matches with Top Wrestlers from around the world. • Unlock Superstars for the ultimate wrestling championship tournament

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