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Product Features - What's New :How To Use A Digital Multimeter. It is a complete Digital Multimeter Tutorial.How to measure DC VoltageHow to measure AC VoltageHow to test electronic componentsMultimeter All function Testing various electronic components such asDiodeResistorCoilTransistor CapacitorLed How to test electronic device Mobile Ear Piece - SpeakerRingerMicVibrator FuseHow to Check Components by Multimeter is an android best application in which you can learn how to check properly electronics components and also how to use all function of Digital Multimeter.This app will teach you what is exactly multimeter basic working.This App is very fruitful to those who are in learning period in Mobile Training and also those who doing repairing works.Asia Telecom (Advance Mobile Repairing Institute) Through this you tube channel we are helping those who do not know " How to " whether is related with Computer / Mobile / or any other gadget. We are uploading video’s can make your life easy, & knowledgeable. Hope You all like my effort to do something. We are also serving India No.1 Training institute of advance mobile repairing on Jabalpur , Madhya PradeshBy installing this app you agree to the following privacy policies:''''

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