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Flight made simple: Use the Solo app with your 3DR Solo drone to get live HD video and fingertip access to Solo’s smart flight and camera features.The Solo app is designed specifically for use with Solo and includes:1. Live wireless HD view from your GoPro (required) and on-screen flight information2. Access to flight settings and satellite map view3. Smart Shots: one-touch cinematic shot creation • Cable Cam • Orbit • Follow • Selfie5. In-app customer support lets you wirelessly submit service tickets6. Wirelessly updates your entire Solo systemLearn more at You Can Do with the Solo AppThe 3DR Solo app provides a user experience never before seen in a drone. A simple and streamlined mobile interface for aerial photography.- Fingertip access to Solo’s flight features, including the automatic movie making power of Smart Shots- Live HD feed from up to half a mile away- In-app customer support via wireless connection for help when you need it and full flyaway replacement guarantee. (See for more information.)

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