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Real-time news coverage and digital storytelling from the students of Conestoga College’s Journalism program.About the ProgramThe Journalism program at Conestoga allows students to develop multimedia skills that are used in digital news reporting and storytelling across all media platforms. The first year of the program emphasizes the fundamentals of news writing, research, interviewing, legal and ethical standards, digital news design and the journalistic use of social media. Students take courses in photojournalism, as well as audio and video technologies that are vital to telling stories in an online news environment.In second year, the program transitions from theory and practice assignments to real-time news coverage and digital storytelling. Students produce multimedia reports for a live news website, smartphone apps and the campus radio station (CJIQ-FM), as well as creating long-form stories using a variety of digital media. In addition to first-hand experience with the challenges and deadlines of real-world production cycles, students receive in-depth training in story development, live reporting, feature reporting, expression of personal opinions, entrepreneurship (including freelancing) and long-form reporting approaches, such as documentary production and magazine writing. A field placement course also provides the opportunity for practical application and practice of learned skills.For more information about the Journalism program and the School of Media+Design visit: http://www.conestogac.on.ca/media/

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