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think project! Quality is an application for capturing, classifying and checking defects. New captured defects are synchronised directly with the Defect Management solution of think project!.You can classify defects with all relevant information such as description, location, responsibility, costs and pictures. After free reporting of the subcontractor, you can download relevant defects to your mobile device and check them directly on site.You can work offline without an internet connection. Afterwards all new defects or check information of the defects will be uploaded to think project! once the internet connection is available.Important prerequisite:The user must have access to a minimum of one project from the main system of think project!, and this project must be configured to operate together with the quality application.Mobile quality management on-site:- Mobile access with the ability to upload and download directly to or from the project platform- Capture, classify and check documents comfortably and efficiently on site- Capture and check offline and then upload the new information once the internet is available- Classify defects with all relevant information such as description, location, responsibility, costs and pictures to create a high standard of defect management- Pin recurrent infos for a faster and efficient defect capturing- Profit from think project! features available also for the app as e.g. depending fields, mandatory fields- Use the sketchingfunctionality for placing pins, arrows or freetext on your photos for a more detailed documentation- Download relevant defects for checking via our comfortable downloadfilter- Select filter criterias manually or scan QR codes for filling e.g. location info automatically- Check and close defects by setting a status with comments and pictures- Use the comfortable filter functionality, to have your eye only on relevant defects on your mobile device- Immediate availability of new defects and check information for all members in think project! with respective rights

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