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Meet your new favorite sexual trainer. Let us train you to intensify your orgasms. We have simplified and engineered a process for you to systematically improve your performance during sex. Improve your love life with your significant other today!FEATURES- 3 levels of intense kegel workouts to keep you challenged and increase your stamina with every workout- Kegel instructions for beginners who don't know how to do the exercises- Informative benefits as to how kegels can improve your sex life- Workout history to track your day by day progress and keep you accountable- Aggregate stats on your total reps, sets, workouts, and your personal best- Level up as you accumulate more time working out.Whether you have issues getting aroused or just want to heighten your climax, Ladies Only is the right tool for you. Track your workouts day by day with Ladies Only's easy to read analytics and have fun leveling up! Take Ladies Only out any time throughout the day and work out at work, on the train, or at home. You can do it from anywhere!Choose from 3 different difficulty levels so you can challenge yourself and improve day by day. Start off with easy mode and work your way up!BENEFITS- Relaxing the vaginal muscles, which allows the vagina to be more open. This is helpful for women who are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse and/or with pelvic exams- Increasing sexual arousal- Improving a women’s ability to reach orgasm- Improving blood circulation to the vagina- Increasing vaginal tone and lubrication

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