indian făină fabrică

Healthy food is very important for healthy body and sound mind

indian făină fabrică

Healthy food is very important for healthy body and sound mind. In some of countries, farming and harvesting crops have a lot of benefits. But use of fertilizer for growing crops fast very harmful for a human body. So that’s why farming without fertilizer, healthy food can be produce. This Indian flour factory game is base on farming and harvesting wheat crop with the help of heavy machinery and make flour without any fertilizer. This farming game will tell that who we can harvest wheat crop and make flour. Be a farmer and start work till making flour.Let’s start the process of harvesting wheat crop.• Digging land with heavy machinery• Remove grass and make mud layers through roller machine • Sow seeds in mud layers and watering it through water tankAlas! Insects have attached on our plants. Make sure that we have insects’ killer spry as we can kill insects as soon as possible.• Spry on plants to kill insects• Cutting wheat through harvesting machineAs we harvest crop, now we will load wheat on delivery truck and deliver to the factory kitchen. After delivering wheat to the factory kitchen, we will put wheat into machine to get apart wheat grain. These wheat grains are with its peel. Let’s apart these grain from its peel. Now we will pour grain into machine to wash within factory kitchen. It’s time to dry these grains with the help of dryer. Take all grains and pour into machine. That machine will make flour in neat environment. Then we will put flour into sacks and close through thread with the help of machine. Delivery truck is waiting now for deliver flour sacks from factory kitchen to the flour shop.