Dimension Painter-Free

Use the dimension pencil to escape the maze and save the Gnome Planet from disaster

Dimension Painter-Free

Use the dimension pencil to escape the maze and save the Gnome Planet from disaster.Through the map editor, you can create and share your own stages.Make your own game using various traps and blocks. And compete with others.129 stages! Various levels of difficulty! If it's too hard, don't worry. We have walk throughs to help!# PrecautionsTo play the game, you need an internet connection.You can purchase dimension crystals by in-app purchase. If you don't want to use this function, please disable it.The paid version does not contain ads. Plus, you start the game with more dimension crystals.The free version contains ads, but ads are removed upon any purchase.# Features ● 6 regions, total 129 stages are provided.● You can make and share your own game with map editor.● Gather dimension crystals and raise a tier, you can create completely new maps.● You can record your play and share it! Show off with your own walk through!● You can also communicate freely with other users through the in-game community.● Traps, blocks, and skins will be continuously added.● Solve the puzzle with unique characters!● Sometimes you may need to rely on your reactions over your brain!● A console game's feeling on your mobile device!# Access instructions for playing the gameWRITE_STORAGE_PERMISSION | READ_STORAGE_PERMISSIONAsk permission to regist a profile photo in app community.READ_PHONE_STATEAsk permission for identify the user.CAMERAAsk permission to use face cam for recording a game playRECORD_AUDIOAsk permission to use voice recording for a game play- Unsupported device --ACERIconia Tab A501– picassoIconia Tab A100 (VanGogh)– vangoghIconia Tab A200– picasso_e-ASUSEee Pad TF101– TF101Eee Pad TF101-WiMAX– TF101-WiMAXEee Pad Slider– SL101-DELLDell Streak 10 Pro– Streak10ProDell Streak 7– streak7-GOOGLEXOOM– stingrayXOOM– wingray-LGEOptimus 2X– star_450-05Optimus 2X– p999Optimus 2X– p990_CIS-xxxOptimus 2X– p990Optimus 2X– p990hNOptimus 2X– p990_262-xxLG Revolution– bryceOptimus 2X– p990_EUR-xx-MOTOROLADroid X2– daytonaXOOM– umts_everestPhoton 4G– sunfireAtrix– olympusXOOM– umts_hubbleXOOM– wifi_hubble-SAMSUNGGalaxy Tab 8.9– GT-P7310Galaxy Tab 10.1– SHW-M380KGalaxy Tab 10.1– SCH-I905Galaxy Tab 10.1– SHW-M380SGalaxy Tab 8.9– SGH-I957RGalaxy Tab 8.9– SHV-E140SGalaxy Tab 10.1 v– p3Galaxy Tab 10.1– GT-P7500DGalaxy Tab 10.1– SGH-T859Galaxy Tab 8.9– GT-P7320Galaxy Tab 10.1 N– GT-P7501Galaxy Tab 10.1– SC-01DGalaxy Tab 10.1 N– GT-P7511Galaxy Tab 10.1– SHW-M380WGalaxy Tab 10.1– GT-P7503Galaxy Tab 8.9– SHW-M305WGalaxy Tab 8.9– GT-P7300Galaxy Tab 8.9– SGH-I957DGalaxy Tab 8.9– SHV-E140LGalaxy Tab 8.9– SGH-I957MGalaxy Tab 8.9– SHV-E140KGalaxy Tab 10.1– GT-P7500Galaxy Tab 8.9– SCH-P739Captivate Glide– SGH-I927Galaxy Tab 10.1– SHW-M300WGalaxy Tab 8.9– SGH-I957Galaxy Tab E-SONYSony Tablet P– nbx02Tablet S– nbx03-TOSHIBA CORPORATIONThrive 7– tostab04-ZTEGrand X– P175A20-UNKNOWNMALATAPlease contact us by below contacts about game.Walkthrough video : question? : contact@izzle.krOfficial facebook :