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Hundreds of DIY Furniture Projects can be found here - This app guides you to find some of the best furniture ideas you can apply to your home room to create beauty.Pallet Furniture is a box or a place that can be used for the delivery of goods made of wood, but with just a little creativity you can actually change the wooden pallet into a useful and unique items for sure. some wooden pallet ideas that you can make to beautify your room such as dining table, coffee table, chair, sofa, bed, wall hangings, cabinets, shoe storage, bookcase and other furniture.This application is available for those of you who want to find tutorial or idea of Project Furniture Convert. This is done to save the cost of spending where you just take advantage of a little creativity DIY. Thus you can create beautiful furniture in accordance with the wishes and can be applied at home both on the interior and exterior. Good luck

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