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Like GNURoot Wheezy but supports xterms, and launches a vncserver at launch. You can connect to this simple graphical desktop via your favorite vncviewer on your android device or another device on your network (like a PC). The default password is "password". There seems to be an issue with most android vnc viewers. If you zoom too far out, your device may no longer respond to touches. I need to figure this out, but for now, don't zoom out bigger than the desktop. Stay zoomed in. Don't beat me up about this, but do be warned and please do file bugs and feature requests.Allows you to create and launch a Debian Wheezy rootfs without rooting your device when used along with GNURoot (champion.gnuroot).Primarily, I install packages with apt-get ( and I suggest you do the same). To use apt-get you will need to click the "Launch as Fake Root" checkbox. A good place to start is to do:apt-get updateapt-get upgradeThen start working. If you find out that something you need is not installed, just apt-get it. To install less, do this:apt-get install lessThat is pretty obvious, but sometimes it is not. You can use a search engine (like google to help you out). For example, I found out to install R, I should do this:apt-get install r-baseYou can also search for packages usingapt-cache search some_keywordA very popular package to add right away is this one:apt-get install build-essentialThis gets you setup to run the make and compile steps of many SW projects.

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