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Ministry helps Jehovah's Witnesses organize their ministry. Functions of this JW field service app are among others:- Clear monthly and annual statistics on hours, fees, return visits, videos and studies- Personalize your app and choose between different beautiful designs- Send your monthly report conveniently and automatically via email or Whatsapp- For pioneers: complete overview of the current year of service and the last years of service in the archive- Pioneers see how many hours they are plus or minus in relation to the year- Setting an individual hourly target- Transferring minutes: In the new month, the system notes whether there are any remaining minutes in the last month and transfers them to the new month.- Easy and fast addition of data by easy left or right swiping- Time recording by stopwatch or manual input- LDC & Remote: Capture LDC & remote hours separately and send them in report with- Shortened annual target for pioneers: As a pioneer, you have the option of automatically reducing the annual target by the hours entered for LDC or Remote. You can also manually reduce the annual target by any number of hours, e.g. by crediting it after attending the pioneer service school.- Creation of visits with personal data and the option of creating return visits and/or studies within a clear framework- Create journal routes with automatic recognition of whether someone has already received the current journal- Innovative tile system to edit territories and automatically add a visit if someone needs to be visited again- Graphic, clear bell system for houses with many bells- Cloud-based system: Your data is always the same on all devices- Encrypted and secure data storageImportant: This app is cloudbased, so it only works with an internet connection. This has the advantage that the data entered is the same on every device at all times. You have your own account which you can use to log in on any device. You do not have to enter an e-mail address or personal data. For the login, a user name / pseudonym was deliberately chosen, with which you can log in on all your devices.-----------You have suggestions for further features? Send me your ideas to [email protected], I will consider them for future updates. -----------You miss a language and would be willing to help with the translation? In that case, please contact me.-----------I wish you much joy in your ministry and hope that Ministry will help you to organize.

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