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Songwriting on the go with none of the fluff.Effortlessly capture your songwriting ideas.As a songwriter, nothing beats a pen or a pencil for writing lyrics. Songwriting on the go can be a challenge because it's not always practical to carry around a pen and paper.That's why I built Songwriter's Notebook. It's a simple tool to help you capture your songwriting ideas whenever they come to you, while staying out of your way to let you you focus on the craft of writing songs.Quickly capture and organise snippets of lyrics and fragments of audio recordings. When you're done, export your work to any app that supports audio and text files - including Google Drive, Dropbox and Gmail.It won't make you a great songwriter, but it might help you capture your best ideas.☆ Create a library of your songs as you work on them ☆ Record multiple audio snippets per song ☆ Write and arrange multiple lyric fragments per song ☆ Export words and audio files to Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail and many others ☆ In-app user support ☆ Created and used daily by a songwriter

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