DIY Mason Jar Ideas

Mason jars are not limited as to coffee, powdered cream and sugar containers only

DIY Mason Jar Ideas

Mason jars are not limited as to coffee, powdered cream and sugar containers only. There are many ways that you can use these beautiful glass containers if you are creative enough to think on how it can be of service to you. You can use it to properly store your spices in the kitchen with chalkboard labels, of course. You do not want to use your white pepper thinking it is garlic powder, right? Labels go well with jars or else, everything will be in disarray.But going back to these lovely Mason jars, here are some of the ways you can use and re-use these things, and it does not necessarily have to be a kitchen item you know...It will be nice to serve your desserts in these cute containers. Some even bake cheesecake in it. The glass can withstand the oven heat. Put in your cheesecake mixture up to ¾ of the jar and then bake it as needed. When done, let it cool before putting your preserves on top. Chill for two hours then serve. You can also use it to put cookies, seal it and put a label on these Mason jars on what type of cookies are inside then voila! Ribbon set and you have a gift for family and friends. Very cute and yummy present! (Try no cook oatmeal breakfast, you will love it!)Another way for you to utilize a jar is by putting art materials in it like crayons, paint tubes, oil pastel, pens, Sharpee's, Kurecolor and more. Instead of making a mess on your creative space, fix your stuff inside these jars so that you will know where to find what you need. Also, chalkboard labels on the cover will make everything easier to arrange.What else will look adorable in these Mason jars? How about a mini night light? Buy battery powered lights (like the lights you use on a Christmas tree) and place it inside the jar!Another way is to make these containers as your pseudo-sewing kit. 1 jar for your buttons, another for your crystals and one more for sequins and beads. That will be very helpful indeed.Do you collect coins? Store your collection in these labeled jars and it will look really neat! Collect as many as you can, the jars will never run out.How about using these Mason jars as wedding favors? The jar can be doubled as a picture frame. So if you are the bride, you can put your pre-nuptial photo inside then the goodies you want to give to your wedding party and you have a unique wedding favor.You can make snow globes, oh well, snow jars that is with these rectangular containers. Drop some Epsom salt or plastic snow bits at the bottom of the jar. Glue the miniature Christmas tree at the center and close the lid. You can add a ribbon for accent on these Mason jars.Use it as a vase, a soap dispenser, a yarn container, a chandelier, a candle holder, an oil lamp, a lampshade base, a marquee, a pencil holder, a beverage server, a flower pot, a matchstick jar, and so much more. As said earlier, if you only have the creative mind to picture out what you can do with these lovely things, you will never run out of ideas. You can make 100 ways on how to use it, 1000 ways, 1 million ways even! The possibilities with these Mason jars are endless. Do not forget to pair it with chalkboard labels!