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A perfect app for social media users to create and upload amazing pictures for Facebook cover, Twitter and more. With all the functionalities in the Giant Square app, it also allows you to create collage of stunning pics. Upload your edited picture without cropping it as it gives you the layout of perfect size.Ideal one to create banner image, campaign pictures, collages, square image, Facebook and Twitter.Editing options include - Facebook - To get best Facebook cover photo, start with selecting layout and add images to it by clicking instant picture or pick from gallery. The great Text Editor option lets you add any text and set its text color, size and style. It has got cool font styles with text editing button. Add more text, delete or adjust by scaling and zooming in/out.Pick any photo and make it Insta ready by selecting ratio layouts and cropping the photo accordingly. Now save and share each part of grid separately or whole as one image. Get your InstaPic ready in no time with just few clicks.Twitter - Same as Facebook cover photo, also design banner/campaign pictures for Twitter with add-on layouts. Set image in layout, add texts over it, set its margin and border color with easy options. Save it to gallery or share it with Twitter instantly.Isn’t it an impressive app with all the thing that you need? Use Giant Square for designing banner pictures, cover photos, instapics, and much more. Stylish font styles and layouts make this application more good to use.

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