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Though choosing a shower tray might seem like a simple task, deciding on one that is ideal for your bathroom can be a struggle, especially with an array of shower trays in different designs, shapes and sizes being available in the market. With proper information on the different models of trays available along with guarantee and value for a lifetime it becomes simpler to decide on the right kind of trays for your bathroom.When choosing a type to fit your bathroom you need to initially determine the shape that is right for you. It is vital that you choose the shape of your tray depending on the shape of your bathroom. The different shapes of the shower trays available are square, round, triangle and rectangle. It is also necessary to consider the form of enclosure you need because the tray will need to match the enclosure.You would also need to understand the make of your shower tray. There are different materials that can be used to make the tray, such as stone resin, acrylic etc. The design can also be normal or slim line. The trays made of stone resin last a lifetime and are considered high quality. So if you are looking out for a tray that need not be replaced for a long time then the ones made of stone resin if you. These shower trays do not shrink of crack and are resistant to skidding. Installation of these stone resin trays need to be done perfectly when done on floors that are beyond ground level as improper installation leads to damage. This is because they are very heavy. If you do not intend to bother with all these difficulties and are looking for something that has an easy installation procedure and is also lightweight then going in for the acrylic type is best to you.If you are on the lookout for something that is elegant as well as sophisticated then going in for the slim line designer type of shower tray would work for you. The slim line designer rays keep you in close connection with the market trends as the base is made of stone resin along with being able to adjust the height.Ultimately choosing a shower tray solely dependents on your own interests. The tray you choose will need to coincide and connect with your bathroom. You will need to decide a tray model that matches these requirements. Ensuring that you install the tray in a way to prevent leakage by sealing and placing it close to the walls will improve its life. Your sole aim of increasing the value of your bathroom which in turn adds value to your entire house can be fulfilled by choosing trays that are beautiful to look at.With the market abound with shower trays of different shapes, sizes and material, it can be a daunting task to choose the one suitable for your bathroom. But armed with the correct information, you can forge ahead and make the right choice.Before you buy a shower tray, keep in mind the shape and size of your bathroom. Go for a smaller quadrant shaped tray, or the compact 760mm, in case there is not enough space to go for a larger size enclosure. There's a vast range of trays in UK that you can choose from.

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