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Alis is a simple way to manage and organize your clients anywhere you are. When you need to keep track of client's appointments or you don't remember when your client made his/her last payment, Alis is there to remind you. Out of town or in the middle of a meeting and you need to know how many appointments one of your clients already had, Alis will tell you.*SYNCED WITH YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE ACCOUNT**Join The Alis Community Group - of Alis's great features is that she connects to your Google account and creates a spreadsheet automatically which saves all your contacts/clients information. You don't need to deal with backing up your information or worrying if your information will be lost. The Alis spreadsheet gives you the ability to see when a client was created and updated as well.Important: You must have a Google account to log into Alis. With Alis You Can:• Easily add and edit clients. Your clients are in list view and can edit them by just clicking on the one you wish to edit. • Add a client straight from the main view. • Optional fields – You can add optional fields to the client. You don't have to add for all. You can add the optional filed which is relevant to the client. • All your client information is automatically synced with your Google Drive account. You can log into your Google Drive account and click on your Alis spreadsheet to view and edit your information.• View when your contact/client was created and updated in the Alis spreadsheet. • Setup auto sync to your Alis spreadsheet. • You can login with more than one Gmail account.If you are a small business or a freelancer in need of an easy way to manage/organize your client's, Alis is the perfect solution for you.Come and become part of our beta testing team at feedback and suggestions matter to us!Don't be a stranger :-)

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