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B-Town: THE one-stop app for Berlin

B-Town | Berlin Tours and Maps| Berlin Guide

B-Town: THE one-stop app for Berlin.Tours, Maps, Lists, Searches and Wikipedia LookupsThe ultimate Berlin guide. Explore Berlin better with B-Town!TOURS FEATURES• All B-Town tours have been written specifically for the app in a funny and engaging way... you won't find this much information all in one place anywhere else! This is the ultimate Berlin sightseeing app. Many hours were spent collecting interesting stories and taking photographs for each of the stops on all the Berlin tours• Use any photograph in B-Town as wallpaper or share with friends• Check-in to each stop with Facebook and make your friends green with envy when they see all the Berlin attractions you’ve been to!• Camera is always available, use it to collect memories of each Berlin attraction. Share with friends, Facebook or Instagram(*) or share with B-Town to have your photograph used on the tour(*). Berlin sightseeing is better with B-Town!.• Use the Berlin tour map to pin-point extra Berlin attractions you may miss at each stop. We'll point out the relevant extras or you can do a quick search for something to eat and drink, other local Berlin attractions or direct you towards the local shopping(*)POPULAR PLACES LISTS• We've pin-pointed popular Berlin attractions and made them easy to find. Want to find the best rated Berlin sights, Christmas markets, German restaurants or Berlin hot spots? B-Town has them! New lists are constantly added and updated so you'll get all the seasonal extras at your finger tipsMAP FEATURES• The Berlin map in B-Town is always up-to-date. We use the constantly updated OpenStreetMap. OSM is an open-source alternative to Google Maps, Mapquest and Waze and has details missing from other maps• The Berlin search feature caters for all tastes: Eating out, nightlife, shopping, culture, nature. Whatever interests you, you'll find it easily with the built in directions• Simple, concise directions to anywhere in the city. Use the public transport app provided or pull up Google Maps to direct you where you want to be. B-Town includes an integrated public transport plan for all trains and underground stations for just in case, making Berlin sightseeing a breeze!• Wikipedia lookups will show you points of interest close to your location with information and photographs so you can find it easier. Want to see other entries from other locations... simply aim the Berlin map to where you're interested and let B-Town show you what's there. This feature makes it the best Berlin guide on the app store!THE TOURSBus 100Don't pay 20+ € to the tour bus companies, get yourself a Berlin travel day card and see the city with us. We'll show you the best Berlin attractions and you decide if you want to hop off the bus for a closer look or just stay in the bus and enjoy looking at them in passingNikolaiviertel's Myths & LegendsWhere Berlin began: Check out Nikolaiviertel's medieval history! Nikolaiviertel is where Berlin began 900 years ago and each stop has its own myth or legend. The vibrant nightlife with countless pubs and restaurants will quench your thirst on the way round tooMuseum IslandWant to tour the museums but not sure which ones you want to pay to go in? We'll show whats in each and let you decide if you fancy a walk around inside. We'll also give you some amusing anecdotes from history and turn this tour into an interesting adventure through historyWe are always updating the app with new tours, lists and features! As soon as they are available, they will automatically appear on your device and B-Town will let you know when they've arrived. Use the Berlin search features to explore from the city or from the comfort of your home! B-Town is your go-to Berlin guide. Download now and explore Berlin better with B-Town!* = features planned & coming soon