Card Game Coat - Hide Trump

Four Player Card Game

Card Game Coat - Hide Trump

Four Player Card Game. It is a kind of court piece game.Trump caller hides the trump and set a target for the challenge.This game, which is very popular in India, Pakistan and Iran, has several names.The name Court Piece is sometimes written as Coat Piece or Coat Pees.In Pakistan this game is often known as Rang, which means trump. In Iran it is known as Hokm, which means command or order.In Suriname and Netherlands known as Troefcall.Hindi or Punjabi word 'Sar' is used for a trick, means a set of cards, one played by each player in turn.All the instructions are included in the Help.Team:-Programmer: Sarbjeet SinghGraphics: Jugraj SinghGame Rules Adviser : Baljit Singh Sidhu