Notepad And Remainder

It's easy to manage jobs with the notepad and reminder app

Notepad And Remainder

It's easy to manage jobs with the notepad and reminder app.  You will no longer forget important events, exam dates, meeting days, appointment days, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, dating dates and so on because you now have a notepad and reminder :)      Basic Features of Notepad and Reminder Application:  Note reminder allows you to remind you how many days and how many minutes to perform a job.  Enables regular notes by categorizing notes.  Allows you to easily find notes by searching through notes.  It allows editing, deleting, updating on notes.  Voice recognition feature allows you to take notes with your voice without using a keyboard.  It allows you to share your notes on the internet.  Allows you to take notes in a different language by changing the microphone language.  Allows the user to hide the notes from others and keep them safe.  Allows the app to update, change or unencrypted password.  It allows you to remember and perform tasks in a timely manner by setting reminders to perform jobs on a specific date and time.  Allows you to delete or cancel the reminder.  Notepad and reminder app has 65 different language support.  Keep information safe with the notebook and reminder application.    IMPORTANT WARNING :     * Internet connection is required when taking notes with the microphone. If you do not have an internet connection, you will write notes manually.     * Notes will not register on any server only that you register on your phone. Don't forget to back up your important information elsewhere. The responsibility for this is the responsibility of the user who is responsible for the application.     * You can set the password to the application to keep the notes safe or to hide them from others.   Keywords: notebook and reminder, notepad, safe note, note reminder, notes, quick note, easy note, note-taking, reminder, to-do list, shopping list, task list, work list, birthday reminder, business reminder, daily keeping, diary, diary.