Cake Icing Design Ideas

Decorating cakes is a good hobby to learn, unleash our imagination, and it is also a good ability that can create good money for us

Cake Icing Design Ideas

Decorating cakes is a good hobby to learn, unleash our imagination, and it is also a good ability that can create good money for us. If they are birthday cakes or marriage cakes, or cakes for our kids, they all need that exclusive and interesting cake decoration to create the celebration more complete and we do not have to depend on the chefs, we can absolutely learn some easy cake decorating ideas. Trying complex designs with out mastering the basics first Like every thing in life one should learn to walk when attempting to run. In the context cake decoration that means we should be cozy with simpler designs when attempting the more complex ones. Designing your cake is both a fun and creative process. There are so many different types of cake decorations and ways you can make your cake look absolutely stunning and here we'll touch on a few of these methods.Most of us have experienced the immense joy of dipping a finger into a bowl of delicious cake frosting and then popping it into our mouths. Often it is just as appealing to our senses thanks to its silken texture or its smoothness, as it is for its delicious taste or flavor. What is so interesting about frostings, icings, glazes, fondants, and any other sort of coating for a cake, is that the recipes are so diverse and varied and they each have a very specific sort of appeal.Themed cake designs are a wonderful way to make an impression amongst your friends and family. They are special because they suit the occasion like no other cake can, because they were created for and only for that occasion. Often with themed cake designs you won't need too many bells and whistles because the theme itself can almost always be enough of a decoration. When you choose a cake design you are limited only by your imagination and the more cakes you make, the more skills you will learn to make more adventurous cake designs.Fondant - If you have seen satin smooth cakes that look perfect even if shaped like a gift, flower or anything at all then most probably it has been designed using fondant. Fondant icing is picture perfect and no one can argue with that. However, it does not taste as delicious as the other icing and some would even say it tastes bad. Some bakers however have a trick of using butter cream beneath the fondant to give it a really nice flavor.Fondant is also a good frosting that we can put in to cake and create advanced designs. Aside from giving to cover the cake elegantly and smoothly, we will also create ribbons and huge ribbons, stars, hearts from fondant or all decorations. Decorating our marriage cake using a combine of fondant and other frostings such as butter cream or royal icing is also a good idea. Marzipan - This is a favorite among bakers as it tastes good and can be made to look like fondant icing. Marzipan contains sugar, eggs and crushed almonds making it a very tasty topping. However, using marzipan can be very expensive so be prepared for your wallet to take a hit.Royal icing - This is perhaps the cheapest frosting anyone can use for a wedding cake. It can also produce picture perfect cakes with very intricate designs. Royal icing is actually a very hard frosting so there is seldom need to refrigerate it. You can have your baker create miniature cakes for you using some of the frosting you are interested in and then you can taste them and decide which one will look and taste the best.