PTCLTouch is the official Self Care Android App for PTCL's customers. This App is a mobile gateway for PTCL customers who want to:- Pay bills by debit and credit cards through the PTCL's e-Payment system- Order new PTCL services through telephone call. - Register Landline, Broadband and EVO complaints- Enquire about the latest Landline, Broadband and EVO bills- Avail customer care support through SMS, Email and Telephone- Stay updated with PTCL products and services- Stay updated with the latest PTCL promotional offersAbout PTCLAs the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the region we are the link that allows global communication. We are striving towards mobilizing the world for the future. By becoming partners in innovation, we are ready to shape a future that offers telecom services to bring the world closer.Corporate VisionTo be the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the region by achieving customer satisfaction and maximizing shareholders' value'.Mission- To achieve our vision by having:- An organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality- An environment that is cost effective and quality conscious- Services that are based on the most optimum technology- "Quality" and "Time" conscious customer service- Sustained growth in earnings and profitabilityCore Values- Professional Integrity- Teamwork- Customer Satisfaction- Loyalty to the CompanyPTCL Brand PhilosophyPTCL Positioning StatementHello to the Future“Hello to the Future” is an amalgam of our vision, brand philosophy, brand values and strategy. The essence is “futuristic approach”. The positioning statement “Hello to the Future” is basically comprised of two words “Hello” and “Future” that provides the inward communication through the word “Hello”, i.e. PTCL welcomes its customers and the future. Also it offers the outward communication through the word “Future” by promising customers the futuristic ideas and products.The first key word “Hello” captures the essence of the whole telephony network that is the backbone of PTCL. “Hello” is a word which is related to the telecommunication history and has been used ever since and will be used in future. This word expresses the welcoming nature of the PTCL brand, its customer oriented approach and warm environment. Everyday most conversations and relationships start with the word “Hello”, hence it portrays the relationship building of PTCL with its customers.The second key word “Future” translates PTCL philosophy in a nutshell to provide planned and proactive solutions and products to its customers. PTCL is constantly evolving and taking its customers into the future. The word “Future” holds the promise that PTCL is committed to, by providing complete customer satisfaction through innovative and futuristic services and products. PTCL is breaking the stereotypical perception launching into the Future embracing it as the mission to transform the world of telecommunication and the way its customers communicate. PTCL establishes itself as a futuristic entity which is working constantly towards inventing paramount solutions for its customers. The font style selected is bold, straight and modern. The font depicts the brand values that PTCL fosters. Brand Values- Evolving- Innovative- Human- Trustworthy- Quality ConsciousDisclaimer: PTCLTouch is the only officially launched Android App for PTCL customers to provide mobile customer support, billing and payment facilities.

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