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Smart remote control for tv


smart remote control for tv is the new application to control all device via wifi without any IR or any other tools , that we said this application is a smart remote control to all devices as different brand or model just connect your phone with your device that you want to control via wifi then start your control using this amazing smart remote app .This application is in principal remote smart tv means is created to control television but we have add amazing ne function to be compatible to be smart remote control to all devices ( via wifi not IR ) .This app is contient may different television brand for example is a :- smart remote for samsung : that means that you can use for all tv of this brand mentioned as different model .- smart remote for panasonic tv : This application is also compatible with this television model ( should be smart tv not old tv ) .- smart remote for vizio : This amazing option offered by this tools because the vizio tv is the most television used in united states and other country .- smart remote for lg : For this function we recommand you to used for new lg television because the old smart television for this brand can't not connected to this application due error .- smart remote for toshiba : for toshiba television select the second model and connected via wifi , then click on bouton for 3 second then you can start to used ( please make same step again every time that you connected your phone with television .- smart remote for philips : to connected this tv to your device should be edit and change acces setting at your television ( select allowed inconnu connexion ) . - smart remote for telefunken : you need to change setting ( same previous step - just allowed inconnu connexion ) .- smart remote for sanyo : For this televistion we don't have all information about it , we have just based on open code source to devloped this function , so if the are any error or problem please contact us .Finaly we hope that this smart remote for all tv also for all devices helping you and remplaced your remote so if you have any question about this tools please contact usDISCLAIMER :- NOT Affiliated with any brand .- NOT Relation with other applications .- Based on open code source .- Is not IR remote .Thank .

Namsos, Norway
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