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Ever wondered how to write Bengali in android? Bengali English Keyboard app lets you do Bengali keyboard typing easily. This Bangla typing app is a new tool if you want to Type, Translate, Search, Send emails, write posts or blogs, chat or share with your friends on social media.EASILY TEXT OR TYPE IN BANGLAWhether you know native Bangla language or not; Using Bangla English themed keyboard you can not only type in Bangla but also type in English. While typing in English our smart English to Bangla translation feature converts words/alphabets/text from English to Bangla in a jiffy. This embedded translation feature makes Bangla to Bangla chat or English to Bangla texting easier and faster than ever.ALL-IN-1 KEYBOARD APPEasy Bangla English keyboard’s a go-to application for typing in roman Bangla and English to Bangla language but that’s not it. Bangla English keyboard has more than 500 Emoji available within the app. unique keyboard themes, colors and keyboard styles with funny emoji are fully free to use. Now you don’t have to change your android phone language every time you want to write in Bangla language or install separate keyboards for typing with emoji. Just install 1 of the best Bangla keyboard for android free of cost. All-in-one keyboard has different emoji,styles,colors to choose from. CUSTOMIZE BANGLA TYPING APP WITH DIFFERENT STYLESStylize your new Bangla keyboard for android with new looks. More than 8 colors to change background color of Bangla English keyboard. Beautiful pictures for keyboard background and different sound options for easy-go keyboard typing experience.WRITE IN BANGLA FROM ENGLISHUseful English to Bangla translation feature, our app helps you convert English to Bangla language on-the-go. Keyboard apps of this kind make writing and typing in foreign languages easy. Simply input English words and let the stylized keyboard convert English into Roman Bangla on-the-go.KEYBOARD TYPING WITH USEFUL FEATURES:✔Different keyboard skins with styling options✔Different keyboard colors for customization✔Support for both English and Bangla typing✔Sounds and vibration setting for typing✔Smileys/emoji includedHOW TO SETUP BANGLA ENGLISH KEYBOARD APP✔Install Bangla English keyboard app✔Enable Bangla keyboard to start using it✔Fully customize your keyboard style as you like✔Want to turn typing sound on/off from keyboard? Go to settings✔Turn intelligent auto text capitalization on✔Want to turn vibration on/off for keyboard? Go to settingsHOW TO TYPE IN Bangla ENGLISH LANGUAGE KEYBOARDOur easy typing app lets you do the following things:Type from English to Bangla language✔Write words or sentences in English✔Enable fast conversion from English to Bangla✔Send/share/Forward the Bangla textType in Bangla only✔Tap to enable Bangla alphabets and characters✔Type words or sentences in Bangla language✔You’re good to go!Type in English onlyIn case you don’t want to type in Bangla anymore, you can: ✔Disable Bangla keyboard to use English only ✔Still use styles and emoji as you did with Bangla enabledDid you like Bangla English Keyboard with Bangla keyboard typing? Please install, rate & share our 100% free quality language typing app to promote us!

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