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Necklace Name Ideas


The necklace is a circular jewelry that is attached or hung on the neck of a person. traditionally, usually a necklace made of precious metal; such as gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals, precious stones such as diamonds and gems, as well as pearls or sequins.Currently the materials used for making necklaces are quite diverse for example; iron, bronze, copper, ceramics, glass, seeds of saga, cloth, stone, rattan, wood, bamboo, horns, leather, bones, shells, plastics, and many more. Necklaces are usually chain shaped and sometimes added pendant, pendant or pendulum as a sweetener.Increasingly the era of necklaces are very diverse, for example like a necklace that is used as a pendulum to decorate the necklace. Nowadays design necklace name is very diverse.This application provides some examples of cool necklace design drawings with the aim to add inspiration, making it easier to design the necklace you want. May be useful.

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