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Shout-Out Campaigns


“SHOUT-OUT Campaigns” platform is based on a web portal and Android mobile application that connects business with consumers, albeit in a manner that is different than other social media based applications. Shout-Out builds relationships between business and consumers based on creating multiple “Circles-of-Trust”. The Shout-Out Campaigns platform will enable consumers to refer products and services to their “Circles-of-Trust”, businesses to reward their loyal consumers, and create linkages between business and consumer “Circles-of-Trust” based on appropriate and relevant behavioral markers.In Shout-out we have developed a mobile application, which would allow an organization to send coupons digitally to their target audience. Not only that, the organization can choose the geographical area the coupon would be visible and utilized within. Say for example, your customer wants to run a promotion, but only for a particular store or a geographical area. They can generate marketing campaigns (Discount coupons, referral programs, loyalty rewards) and geo-fence the coupon on our app. The other interesting feature that we enable with our app is the creation of "circles-of-trust". Business can send out coupons to their customers which then, the customers can share with their friends. Business can also offer rewards/incentives for their customers to forward referrals to their friends. Our app will track all of their forwarding and coupon redemption activities and generate an automatic reward, per the instructions of the business. The same app also manages loyalty rewards. That is, our platform provides a comprehensive suite of options for the organization to choose and manage their digital marketing campaigns. Shout-out Campaigns also offers a management portal where, the agency responsible for running marketing campaigns for the organization can manage marketing campaigns and monitor their success. Our AI (artificial intelligence) tools will track consumer behavior, create circles of trust, and assist the marketing organization in creating new leads.

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