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This "Consolidated Resources for Australian Paramedics" (aka CRAP), has been created by a 37 year veteran paramedic of Ambulance Victoria, who is now retired, but committed to paramedic education.The aim it to give student paramedics or others interested in the field, a better understanding of the depth, scope and changes to pre-hospital health care in Australia..This application is intended as a training aid and is not to be used for clinical practice in the field.Regions and fields covered as of 01 Aug 2015:VIC - Paramedic, NEPT and CERT/ACOTAS - Paramedic and volunteerNSW - ParamedicACT - ParamedicWA - All categoriesQLD - ParamedicNT - Coming soon (I'm working on them currently)SA - Hopefully coming sometime after I complete NTUpdates to all regions, will be ongoing, dependent on your feedback.

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