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Photoshop Learning Tutorial


Photoshop is a graphic design application that is devoted to editing photos or images and can be used for the design of typography (text effects). can not deny that applications are often called photoshop is already known to the world, where every graphic designer must master all the functions in Photoshop, as well as those who want to learn Photoshop.Entering today's digital era, human activities have always integrated with the visual form. their forms - visual forms that connect our activities. such as using a smart phone with an attractive display icon, computer usage is certain in which we will interact with the image or video. all the components that are the result of a design using a graphical application that is photoshop.Learn to use Photoshop application is not an easy thing. but can also be said to be difficult. we just need to be patient. begin learning the basic techniques of using photoshop. starting from the familiar functions - function tool in photoshop. learn exercises that already exists in books and on the internet. with all that slowly, we will be able to combine the functions of all the tools available, so they can produce the appropriate design tastesThis application provides a basic tutorial to learn photoshop easily accompanied by pictures.

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