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The design or research design in the narrow sense is interpreted as a process of gathering and analyzing research. In a broad sense of research design including the process of planning and conducting research. The design of the plan begins with the observation and evaluation of the research that has been done and known, for the determination of the concept and framework of research hypotheses that need further verification. The research design involves the process of making experiments or observations and choosing the measurement of variables, procedures and sampling techniques, instruments, data collection, analysis of data collected, and reporting of research results. Generally the design or research method is defined as a scientific way of obtaining data with a specific purpose and usefulness. To obtain valid data directly in research is often difficult, therefore the data that has been collected before its validity is known, can be tested through a reliability test and an objection test. In general, if the data can be trusted and objective, then the data will be valid. Educational research methods can be interpreted as a scientific way of obtaining valid data with the purpose to be found, developed, and proven, a certain knowledge that can be used to understand, solve, and anticipate problems in the field of education.Simply put, it can be said that quantitative research is research using numbers. The numbers are used as a representation of the information obtained in the study.thank you

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