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Near space, the future - year 2600. Your home - the training orbital station - has been destroyed by a treacherous alien attack. There are thousands of casualties. Only one pilot has survived – and that pilot is you.Your trusty ship and your thirst for revenge will guide you to the correct orbit. On your travels, you will encounter a dangerous stranger who happens to know your childhood secrets. Space bandits will make offers that are impossible to refuse.Traveling from one planet to another, you must learn to tell traitors apart from allies. Earn yourself the reputation as a fearless pilot, a shrewd merchant, or a merciless punisher! You might even get a space station of your own one day. However, these are just plans. Right now, you need to save up some cash for repairs and a new blaster. Start the main engine – space is waiting!PROGRESS FORWARDDevelop your character and put a team together.HARDCORE GAMEPLAY Fast-paced combat with tactical pauses.FREEDOM OF CHOICE Become a pirate, a merchant, a thief, a soldier – anyone!TOUGH VEHICLES Buy a battleship or your own space stationALWAYS SOMETHING TO DO Epic story quest plus a number of side questsENDLESS JOURNEY Explore dozens of mysterious planets

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