Enjoy the ride on your spaceship and eat up everything in the space city with it

Enjoy the ride on your spaceship and eat up everything in the space city with it. You have a small UFO who has to swallow all the objects in the grand city. Fly the spaceship and eat everything in your path. The UFO gradually grows with the eating and swallowing. Swallow things to grow bigger and bigger. Suck up the bigger buildings and big objects.UFO will attack people, cars, buildings, poles, and other objects. The UFO sucks everything and grows bigger. Increase your UFO size by swallowing the objects in the space city. Raise the UFO level by grabbing everything under your UFO. Drive your spaceship and eat up the buildings, humans, and cars.Remove your hunger by attacking all and suck up everything. Eat the cars, poles, and other objects. Absorb orb and increase your spaceship size with it. Grab bigger to grow bigger. Achieve the highest score with the UFO grabbing and sucking. Suck up the objects and eat them all. UFO gradually grows with the eating, sucking, and grabbing of objects.Fly higher to eat as much as possible. Eat more to grow more. Grow your spaceship size and eat bigger things. You have come from the alien world with your Spaceship. So, grab all the objects on the Earth and grow your size as much as you can. Grab the big buildings and compete with other players.This game is a multiplayer game in which you have to beat other UFOs of your enemies. Keep your spacecraft ready for grabbing everything from the grand city. Achieve higher score than your opponent players and win the UFO Spaceship Trophy. Find orb and grab it to be the winner. Take control of your UFO spaceship and take away people with the laser beam of the UFO. Features: Bigger Spaceship Bigger UFO Increase your UFO size Grab everything Play in Multiplayer Mode Compete with AI players Suck up the Whole City Eat the people, eat the cars and eat the buildingsDownload this action-arcade adventure game now to enjoy this UFO spaceship game with other players in the multiplayer mode. Either play this game online with other players or play offline with AI players and grab everything from your UFO.