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Are you doing a lot of plant counting to have an insight in the germination result of a tray or a batch of trays? With this app from TTA that will be history.Use your own mobile device to determine the germination rate of a whole tray with young plants at once. After setting the dimensions for all your specific trays, like size and number of plants, you can select which kind of tray you would like to scan. Then select the way you want to detect your tray, either by holding your device in such a way above your tray that the grid of the tray and the grid you see on the screen are in line, or by clicking the corners of the tray after making a picture of the tray from within the app. After that you can set the range of colors so that all plants are within that range and moss is left out of detection. You also have the ability to leave too small plants out of consideration by setting a threshold for the size of the plants. After setting this once for one tray of a batch, it can be used to obtain the germination rate for the rest of the batch.You can save a batch name and you are able to save a name for each tray by scanning the qrcode/barcode before determining the germination rate. The results of all your scans of a specific day are saved in an excel file and can be shared from the app in whatever way you like. The results previous days are also saved on your device and can be found The results can also be viewed from within the app as a grid filled with different tints of green showing the number of times that specific gap was filled. Which enables you to have an insight in the quality of your seeding process. When, for example, a specific gap or a bigger area in your tray is not always seeded correctly, it can easily be found with the app, for the results will show a less bright square in the grid.Because of the larger screen, TTA advises you to use the Trayscan TTA app on a tablet because that is the most comfortable option. It can, however, be used on a smartphone as well.To make sure version one can still be downloaded, the update is released as a new app. With this update some new features are added and a bug is resolved:- Added zoom functionality for small trays (can be found in optional settings under tray size).- Added standard choice for saving or deleting the made scan.- Fixed bug in the barcode scanning.

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