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Accelerate business processes with e.Form!No more paper, mailing, faxing and Go Paperless, Go Green!• Create electronic forms of contract, application, medical form, check sheet and many more.• e-Signature on electronic forms using phablets(tablet PCs, smartphones)• Systematic management of the forms and images through a dedicated server.1)Use CasesFill-in and e-Signature on :• different types of forms used in franchise, real estate, travel agency, bank, insurance, car rental, carrier agency and etc.(Leverage to increase on-site sales as well)• manpower / facility check sheets used in construction, inspection agency• medical forms, patient consent used in hospitals2) BenefitsServer• Create an electronic form in the same design as paper one• Easy form generation with various input components such as text, signature, checkbox provided by a built-in form designer tool• Dynamic electronic forms with events such as calculation between fields, copy, interface with external data• Authority settings by user group • Email request for NFTF(non-face-to-face) fill-in and signature • Integrated management of forms in client and server by storing them in a common server• Downloading of completed forms in PDFClient• Fill out forms saved in the server using phablets(tablet PCs, smartphones)• Handwritten electronic signature without the need of pens• Robust user authentication via signature, as well as photo, voice• For security reasons, all the contents(signature, photo, image) in the form are deleted from the client once completing the form• Support offline form writing in case of poor network connections • On-demand view of PDF brochures on the client and the related form writing on the spot• Use pen / highlighter to emphasize and take note where it needed in brochure viewer 3) Certificates and Awards• The Grand Prize for SW Company Competitiveness Mobile sector by FKII(The Federation of Korean Information Industries)• New SW Product Prize by Ministry of Knowledge Economy• Certificate of Green Technology by Ministry of Knowledge Economy• The Grand Prize for Mobile Solution Competition by Japan Softbank• GS(Good Software) by TTA(Telecommunications Technology Association)• The Grand Prize for Smart App Awards by KIPFA(Korea Internet Professional Association)• Integrated Authentication System using Electronic Contract by United States Patent and Trademark Office

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