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WhatsDelete(WhatsRemoved) is a FREE application to view deleted messages from WhatsApp which are deleted by WhatsApp's feature "delete for everyone"Notification for the deleted chat(User gets a notification when a deleted chat is detected).Ever deleted chat by accident? WhatsDeleted(WhatsDelete) attempts to recover all lost, chat, or message on your device. The user can view deleted messages from WhatsAppWhatsDelete saves all your messages and detects if any messages deleted, and notifies the user about the deleted message, User can view deleted messages from WhatsApp which is marked as a deleted message.WhatsDeleted for WhatsApp is the newly developed application that helps the user to recover lost chat data if they got deleted intentionally or unintentionally. Important: You need to enable notification access to work this app perfectly.Status Saver: We can Save and Share all the Video and Image Status From WhatsApp. The user can also save (download) and share and view the WhatsApp Video and Image status using the WhatsDelete app. How to Use? 1 - Check the Desired Status/Story2 - Open Status Saver, Click on any Image or Video to View...3 - Click the Save Button... Features- Whatsdelete View the deleted messages from WhatsApp - Status Saver: Save, share WhatsApp Status- Using WhatsDelete Read messages without bluetick- Recover deleted messages- Built-in image viewer &Video Player.- Play, Download and share Status Videos- Delete message for everyone WhatsApp for Android- View deleted messages in messenger- anti-delete view deleted WhatsApp messages recovery- Whatsapp delete message recovery easy to use- We delete for everyone view deleted recovery messages- Delete WhatsApp message recovery is app free-Recover deleted messages##Key WordsWhatsDelete, whatsremoved,view deleted messages, Status Saver, download WhatsApp status, WhatsDeleted## No root required.** DISCLAIMER **: WhatsDelete isn't affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp Inc. The "WhatsApp" name is copyright to WhatsApp, Inc.

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